Với những bé đang học tại trường sẽ là hiện thân cho những kết quả giáo dục mà Hệ thống trường mầm non Con Mèo vàng đang hướng tới.

Competitive School Fees

The YellowKitty Kindergarten has built affordable tuition fees that are affordable for families with the aim of giving them access to quality learning and play facilities so that they can have a better education. Comprehensive development in the early years of life with low spending but high efficiency

Facilities of high quality standards

  •  The camera system is installed everywhere so that parents can follow each step of the darling at school.
  •  The spacious, airy classroom system ensures clean and safe for children and is well-equipped with the best facilities for learning and childcare.
  •  The fire protection system is of standard quality and is regularly inspected.
  •  Cool playground with lots of toys to help children develop physical activity.

Quality education is a top priority


When enrolled at our school, children will be developed comprehensive areas:
              + Develop cognitive and learning skills.
              + Physical development - health and motor skills.
              + Language development and social communication skills.
              + Emotional development and life skills.

Develop aesthetics, feel beautiful in life. Children often participate in the actual field trip as; Grow vegetables, make pottery, make cookies .... They are engaged in a variety of extracurricular and enrichment courses: erobic, belly dance, chess, swimming, drawing, playing ... with experienced teachers.

Qualified teachers

Teachers are all graduated of pedagogy, constantly learning to improve their professional skills, besides, the school regularly organizes training courses on teaching methods and processing skills. Situation with children ...


Friendly, enthusiastic native English-speaking teacher with experience in bilingual nursery schools in Ho Chi Minh City.


 Communication between School and family

  + Communication between School and family
A daily diary that helps parents get to know their child at school, hotline and email can be exchanged between parents and teachers.
  + Class schedules and menus are sent to parents at the beginning of each month.
  + Periodic communication on the development of the child through monthly personal comments.